Jobs in Italy and Africa

Opportunities to work at SETAF-AF abound for Soldiers and D.A. Civilians.

Supervisory Accountant, GS-0501-13 (Perm)


Closes 17 November 2022

Program Manager, GS-0340-14 (Perm)


Closes 10 November 2022

Human Resources Specialist (Classification), GS-0201-12 (Term, 2 yrs)

G1, Civilian Personnel Division (CPD)

Closes 17 November 2022

Engineering Technician, GS-0802-12 (Perm)


Closes 21 November 2022

Supervisory Security Specialist Antiterrorism, GS-0080-13 (Perm)

Operational Protection Directorate (OPD)

Closes 14 November 2022

Logistics Management Specialist, GS-0346-13 (Term, 2 yrs)


Closes 18 November 2022

Traffic Management Specialist, GS-2130-12 (Term, 2 yrs)

Base Operating Support-Integrator (BOS-I)

Closes 10 November 2022

Personnel Recovery Specialist Sere, GS-0301-12, (Perm)


Closes 17 November 2022

Family Readiness Support Assistant, GS-0303-06 (Term, 2 yrs)


Closes 15 November 2022

Civil Engineer, GS-0810-13, (Term, 2 yrs)


Closes 17 November 2022

For additional information or questions about any of these opportunities, please contact the POC listed in the announcement.